Colour Vision Deficiency: Difference Between Congenital and Acquired Colour Blindness

  • Ayu Trisnayanti Yasa Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Mataram


Color blindness is the inability or reduced ability to distinguish colors clearly in normal lighting. The incidence of color blindness varies in different geographic areas. Color blindness is related to the structure of the retina which plays a role in converting light energy into electrical signals to be transmitted to the central nervous system in the process of color perception. There are two most famous theories of color vision, namely Young-Helmholtz theory and oponen process theory. Color blindness based on its etiology is classified into congenital (inhereted as an X-linked recessive trait) and acquired (associated with other medical conditions). The diagnosis of color blindness is based on history and investigations. There are various tests that can be done as a supporting examination in the diagnosis of color blindness.


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