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Keywords: neoplasma, mieloproliferatif, trombositosis esensial


Myeloid neoplasm occurs when myeloid clonal cells proliferate excessively. One of the classifications of the disease is essential thrombocytosis. Essential thrombocytosis (TE) is a myeloproliferative disease characterized by excessive megakaryocyte proliferation which causes the number of platelets in the blood to exceed normal limits. TE can be caused by mutations in several genes, namely the genes JAK2, CALR or MPL. The diagnosis of TE is based on the results of the patient history, physical examination and other examinations, including laboratory tests. ET disease can be treated with several therapies including myelosuppression, antiplatelet, platelet-pheresis/thrombocytopheresis, and JAK inhibitors. Based on the course of the disease, ET is usually stable for 10-20 years or more. After years this disease can transform into myelofibrosis or other dangerous diseases if not treated properly.


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