Osteosarcoma with Metastasis in Digestive System

  • Tomy Dwi Refandy Universitas Mataram
Keywords: Osteosarcoma, Bone neoplasm, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Digestive System Metastases


Osteosarcoma is a bone neoplasm that is malignant (malignant). Ionic radiation is also said to be a direct cause of osteosarcoma, which is 3%. In general, symptoms will appear after a few weeks or months after the disease. Pain is the initial symptom that usually occurs, the pain felt may be accompanied by a mass or it may not be palpable with a mass, the pain is felt deep and intense. Treatment of osteosarcoma can be divided into two, namely by chemotherapy or surgery. The purpose of this review is to determine the metastases of osteosarcoma in the digestive system. The writing of this review was obtained from various sources originating from scientific journals and government guidelines. Source searches were carried out on online portals of journal publications such as PubMed, Google Scholar and MedScap with the keywords (Osteosarcoma) AND (Metastasis Digestive System). In the literature study, it was found that the most common metastases occurred in the lung. However, the presence of metastases in the digestive system can increase mortality and have a poor prognosis.


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