• Khilyatul Mufida RSUD dr. R. Koesma Tuban




COVID-19 Vaccine, CoronaVac, Disorientation, Memory Impairment


Vaccination is one of the important strategies to resolve the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Several side effects of vaccination have been reported and the safety of COVID-19 vaccination should be a concern. A 35-year-old man came to the Emergency Room (ER) because he didn’t remember his family members. He received the second dose of CoronaVac vaccine two days before the presentation to ER. The patient fully recovered after received treatment within 24 hours. Disorientation and memory impairment after COVID-19 vaccination in this case may be caused by hypercoagulation due to vaccination or due to coincidence. Thus, it may induce a cerebrovascular disease. Disorientation and memory impairment following CoronaVac vaccination is a rare case. It should be as an alert. Currently, the benefits of vaccine are greater than the side effects. Thus, vaccination against COVID-19 should be encouraged.


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