Nurition and Mechanical Ventilation: a Review article


  • Adelia Handoko Medical Faculty - University of Jember
  • Taufiq Gemawan Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember – Regional Hospital dr. Soebandi Jember, Indonesia
  • Dimas Zabirurrohman Putra Student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember – Dr. Regional Hospital. Soebandi Jember, Indonesia
  • Ramzi Setyo Karyanto Student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember – Dr. Regional Hospital. Soebandi Jember, Indonesia
  • Nur A’mala Dewi Student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember – Dr. Regional Hospital. Soebandi Jember, Indonesia
  • Muhamad Rizal Hadi Pratama Internship Doctor of Mojowarno Hospital Jombang, Indonesia
  • Eny Nurmaida Public Health Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, Indonesia
  • Arsyzilma Hakiim Public Health Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, Indonesia
  • Sheilla Rachmania Department of Histology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, Indonesia



Critical illnes, intensive care unit, mechanical ventilation, nutrition


Patients with critical illnesses frequently need mechanical ventilation as part of their care. Patients who are extremely sick frequently need mechanical ventilation in addition to or instead of spontaneous breathing. In certain situations, poor CO2 elimination (ventilation failure) is the primary issue. Malnutrition is one of the issues that can occur in patients on mechanical ventilation. Patients in critical condition typically cannot consume enough food to meet their own metabolic needs. Enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition, or a mix of the two can be used to provide nutritional intake. Enteral nutrition can help maintain the intestinal wall's functional integrity by protecting intraepithelial cells, increasing blood flow, and encouraging the production of endogenous trophic agents. In the meantime, parenteral nutrition (PN) must be administered if the patient's nutritional needs are not satisfied within three days, as malnutrition typically develops eight to twelve days following surgery and/or ICU admission. Numerous studies comparing the effects of (enteral nutrition) versus PN nutrition on ICU LOS and mechanical ventilation have found no discernible differences between the two. When comparing EN to PN nutrition, there is a noticeable difference in how well EN reduces infectious complications.


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