In Vivo Four-O'Clock Flower (Mirabilis jalapa L.) Infusion Anti-Inflammatory Activity Test


  • Ervina Handayani -
  • Raisya Hasina
  • Melda Putri Zakiah
  • Bunga Suryani
  • Ithnan Baqi Putra Erlangga
  • Ni Nyoman Radiartini



inflammation, anti-inflammation, sodium diclofenac, mirabilis jalapa, egg whites


Background: The prevalence of inflammatory diseases in Indonesia is quite high, which can be characterized by pain in the joints to infections in the digestive tract. Four o'clock flowers (Mirabilis jalapa L.) have pharmacological activity as an anti-inflammatory. A decoction of four o'clock flower simplisia has been used by the community as a traditional anti-inflammatory. The results of the phytochemical screening of flowers at four o'clock show that flavonoid compounds contained in it are known to have a role in anti-inflammatory activity that can inhibit cyclooxygenase enzymes.

Method: This study used a laboratory-scale experimental design using a group of test animals consisting of a negative control given a 0.5% sodium carboxymethyl cellulose suspension, a control of the flower infusion test at four 5% and 10%, and a positive control using a diclofenac sodium suspension dose of 6.5 mg / kg body weight. The formation of inflammation in the legs of male mice is carried out intraplantar with an induction volume of 0.1mL. The volume of edema was measured every 15 minutes for 3 hours using a pletismometer.

Results: The result data obtained differed significantly between the negative control and other test controls shown at 3 hours where the positive control (diclofenac sodium suspension dose 6.5 mg/kg body weight) and test control (four 5% and 10% flower infusion) decreased equally.  

Conclusion: Infusion of four o'clock flowers (Mirabilis jalapa L.) has an anti-inflammatory effect.


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Handayani, E., Hasina, R., Zakiah, M. P., Suryani, B., Erlangga, I. B. P., & Radiartini, N. N. (2023). In Vivo Four-O’Clock Flower (Mirabilis jalapa L.) Infusion Anti-Inflammatory Activity Test. Jurnal Kedokteran, 12(2), 145–149.




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