Dive profile of traditional divers in Lombok Indonesia,risks for acute dysbaric disorder?


  • Eustachius Hagni Wardoyo Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Mataram




acute dysbaric disorder, traditional diver


Traditional diver is assumed of having acute dysbaric disorder’ risk higher than recreational scuba divers. We described dive profile of traditional divers in Lombok Indonesia and possible risk of acute dysbaric disorder.

Acute dysbaric disorder (ADD) symptoms were recorded and corresponding signs were observed. Dive profile is constructed based on justification measurement due to lack of measuring instruments used.

As much as 30 traditional divers were interviewed to fill a questionnaire. All participants are male, aged 20-60 years old (mean 40.7). In one-week, average diving trip was 4.5 times, each trip averagely consists of 4.7 (3-8) dives. Average depth 20.2 (10-50) meters with descent rate and ascent rate of 5.3 meters/minute and 2.6 meter/minute, respectively.  Average actual dive time was 55.3 minutes for first dive and 67.5 minutes for following dive. Average ADD’ complaints are: extreme tiredness 83.3%, tinnitus 76.6%, headache 73.3%, dizziness 73.3%, muscular pain 63.3%, forgetful 60%, vertigo 56.6% and decreased appetite 50%.

In conclusion, repetitive dive and diving in a raw for three consecutive days are possible risks to ADD with 3 prominent symptoms are: extreme tiredness, tinnitus and headache.


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